Runyanya Church


10 years ago, we were asked to develop a clean water source in Runyanya, Uganda , a small village north of Masindi. At that time, we were unsuccessful in locating water. There is a hard layer of limestone 40-60 feet below the surface and our equipment was not able to drill through it. In June of 2011, tragedy struck this village when their school was struck by lightning, killing 19 students and hospitalizing dozens more. We were asked again to come back and try to help. This time, with our newer hydraulic drill equipped with a special rock bit, we were able to break through and find water. The new borehole is located just down the hill from the school.


Standing next to the damaged school building was a church with sturdy brick walls but no roof. However, we were able to help with this also. A donor had come forth just before the beginning of our trip with enough funds to complete the church roof. At the public ceremony dedicating the new borehole to the Glory of God, CEED Director Graham Hodgetts announced our plan to provide the materials for the church roof, in the memory of the children who had died in the lightning strike.


The new roof was installed in time for the Easter services in April 2012.



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