It's National Chocolate Month!

Coffee Farm Workers (1)It’s February and time to treat your special someone to our special–in more ways than one–Chocolate Raspberry flavored Ugandan Gold Coffee. For the month of February, National Chocolate Month, you save $1.00 on our Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee. For $7.99 you can treat a special someone to great coffee which gives hope for a new life to so many. And, when you buy 3 or more bags for delivery to the same address, you still get free shipping.

The news from the farm about the harvest is good–lots of great coffee is being picked and sorted and set out to dry in the hot African sun. An average cup of coffee takes about 70 coffee beans. There are approximately 3,250 beans in one pound of coffee, 2 beans in every coffee “cherry” and we produce on average 40,000 pounds of coffee each year. After allowing for loss in roasting,  that’s 54 million good, ripe coffee cherries that are picked by hand by the Ugandan Gold Coffee farm workers.  Doesn’t that give you a bit more appreciation for your morning cuppa joe? Enjoy!


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