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The subject of navigating change is a big deal–all around us, change is happening, whether we like it or not. We can choose to ignore it, we can try to forestall it or we can participate and be excited about it. Regardless, it will happen.

Our state turnpike is a toll road. Everyone who travels it pays, though in different ways. One motorist will stop at the booth (if that is still there) and pay with cash, or throw the required amount into the container. Another motorist will just breeze on through, knowing a picture of her license plate has been taken and a bill will arrive in the mail. The third driver has the electronic pass and the toll is deducted from the account charged to his credit card. The common thread is that every driver pays. Some will be out of pocket at the time, others when it hits the credit card, but all will pay.

Change is a road that we travel–and we pay for it. The toll exacted can be physical, emotional, spiritual or dollars and cents. It can be positive or negative, or just plain messy. However, we can influence how change impacts our lives by a combination of our actions, our attitude and our choice of the road to travel.

We can also initiate change and that’s what CEED is about. We desire to be agents of change for God’s Kingdom–affecting in a positive way those in need in Uganda and other countries in East Africa. And, we want you to partner with us–by buying our coffee, Ugandan Gold (click here to order ), by donating to an agricultural or clean water project ( click here to donate ), or by volunteering to go and work on a project or help at an event.

Don’t like the road you’re on? Join us on our road–it’s change, it can be uncomfortable, it can cost you a bit more than you planned on, but the scenery is beautiful and the destination is amazing.




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