In 1999, we formed CEED and set out on a mission to demonstrate the love of Jesus by developing sustainable income generating projects that could lift whole Ugandan communities out of extreme poverty.

Our first income-generating project has been to develop 46 acres and provide the crops and training necessary for the locals to operate a profitable and sustainable coffee farm. We could not have done this without the support of our many Ugandan Gold Coffee customers, and we are so grateful for all their loyalty. THANK YOU!

Over the years, we also helped increase the yields of soybeans, maize, rice, and peanuts; all which provided the opportunity for the local Ugandans to earn a fair and sustainable income.

Since we began these projects in 1999, hundreds of individuals have been provided with sustainable work, enabling them to escape extreme poverty, and having a trickle-down impact that has positively transformed whole families and communities.

With almost 20 years of implementing these projects in Uganda, our team has acquired important knowledge on how to most effectively deploy sustainable poverty-reduction strategies with excellence and community-changing results.

With agriculture at the backbone of the Ugandan economy and the primary driver of Uganda’s poverty reduction over the past decade, we know that developing more agriculture will continue to decrease poverty significantly. Over the next five years, we plan to invest in five new agricultural projects while focusing on quality inputs, management training, and modern fertilizer techniques,  ultimately generating more economic opportunity, hope, and new life.

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