What day is it?

I receive a calendar that lists every national “day” throughout the year. As I write this on Thursday, May 4th, it is National Hoagie Day. I do not know who designates these selections, but it seems like everyone and everything has its special day. Some do not make sense to me, like May 30th being National Mint Julep Day when the Kentucky Derby is the first Saturday in May and that is when Mint Juleps are most likely to be consumed. Or the National Eat What you Want Day on May 11th. If you are doing the cooking, I think that would be every day.

What does this have to do with our coffee farm? Well, I think everyday should be National Coffee with Compassion Day. Why should consuming coffee that gives back to others only be the focus one day a year on National Coffee Day (September 29th)? Why not make your consumption of coffee be a difference-maker in the lives of thousands every day?


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