What's Coffee Got To Do With It?

Drilling at Kirasa - Good Well

Drilling a new borehole:  Fresh clean water is a resource that we take for granted. You might grumble when you pay your water bill, but the accessibility of water is not something you consider very often. If you were a scout (the Girls Scouts are 101 years old today!) when you were growing up and remember fetching water from a pump, then you might have a small appreciation of the hardships for the 1.2 billion people who do not have faucets to turn on whenever they need some water.  Then add the fact that they might not have a well close by but have to walk miles to get to the nearest water source which, once they get it, may or may not be drinkable.

So, what does coffee from Uganda have to do with clean, drinkable water? When you drink Ugandan Gold Coffee, you help provide clean fresh water sources. Which is amazing.

Thank you!


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