What We Post On Instagram and Why

Instagram  has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms, so it is a no brainer that we have recently revamped our posts  to be more interesting to our audience. We thought we would take the time to promote @ugandan_gold_coffee and explain why we post what we do!


With each new well, a community thrives. UGC’s clean water initiative provides fresh, healthy water from a well located in the village. This opens the door for children to receive the vital education they need to become productive adults in society. The best way to show Ugandan Gold Coffee’s impact is by posting photos of the people in these communities using their new opportunities on a daily basis.


We like to engage  our followers with questions. We hope these  questions will help  Ugandan Gold Coffee fans to remember simple facts like the weight of  a Jerry can.


The ultimate goal of all our efforts is serving Christ. We  show our followers  the gorgeous Ugandan churches,  not just because of their appearance, but because they bring people together to worship and serve God.


Of course, we have to post about the bean! The coffee tree blooms are truly lovely and the blooms produce wonderful coffee. It’s the p­­­­erfect way to show you the natural beauty of Ugandan Gold.


Finally, we showcase the country that makes it all possible – Uganda. We love to marvel at God’s creation and give thanks for all the resources the land provides.

For up -to -date posts on Ugandan Gold Coffee Instagram you can follow our account here: https://www.instagram.com/ugandan_gold_coffee/

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