What did your cup of coffee accomplish this morning?

You start your day with a nice steaming hot cup of coffee. As it brews, its wonderful aroma fills the room.  Finally ready, you pour it into your cup, add sweetener and cream if that’s how you like it, and start sipping. It’s a satisfying beginning to your day.

Drilling at Kirasa - Good Well
Drilling a new well!

But, what did you coffee accomplish before your morning ritual?  Before you even awoke this morning? Was it carefully grown, harvested and processed? Did the farmers get paid well? Did it provide fresh clean water for thousands of thirsty people? Did it provide food?


If you were drinking Ugandan Gold, your cup of great coffee did exactly that. If you were not, maybe you should think about why you weren’t and make the decision to use your coffee to be a world-difference maker today.

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