Water Supply at Damasco

Current Water Supply at Damasco[crop]It’s summertime and it’s time for iced coffee here in the US. Ugandan Gold Coffee has several flavors which make great iced coffee drinks–so refreshing in the summertime. This month, we have our flavored coffees on special at $7.99/bag. Stock up today.

So, how does coffee connect with the water supply at a village like Damasco? Glad you asked. We take our coffee profits and donations and go to villages which need a clean water supply. Villages like Damasco which uses the same source for bathing, laundry and drinking water. The same source used by the animals as their bathing and drinking water. It’s not safe, it’s not clean, it’s not healthy.

Thanks to great people, like Ingomar United Methodist Church and their Living Waters Foundation, we will be drilling and rehabbing 14 water sources this summer. Check back for updates this summer and join in the effort by purchasing your coffee today!


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