Uganda Trip 2014

sunrise over the horn of AfricaOur US team has returned from Uganda with stories and pictures of their mission, though it is hard to convey accurately what they have experienced.



booklets[2]With contributions from Grace Church of Harmony, PA and Warrior Graphics of Coraopolis, PA, our health team distributed 1500 booklets concerning clean water, cleanliness and germs, and facts about Malaria to children written in their tribal language.


Workers with their stovesGrace Church was also the benefactor for the EZ stoves which were given to each of the coffee farm workers–it uses 1/3 the amount of wood and cooks rice in about 1/3 the time as the customary wood fire method–after a demonstration by Barbara Gutzwiller. A cause for celebration!


Part of the US team spent most of their time with our Ugandan water drilling engineers. This summer we have already developed 5 new boreholes, repaired 1 existing well and have more scheduled for August and September. Check  back for more details and photos soon!

Jim with hydraulic rig


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