Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Just in case you have been wondering if drinking Ugandan Gold Coffee has made any difference: in the words of CEED’s Ugandan manager, Herbert Asiimwe:

Ester_2“Ester is one of our workers who has worked at the coffee farm since 2001.
She has worked with us for 12 years.  She is an old lady.

I picked interest in her testimony since she is retiring this December.

Ester's homeUsing the money which she was being paid she was able to do the following.
1. Pay school fees for her 3 children(she is a single parent).   The 2 girls were able to complete their nursing courses and they are both working.
The boy was able to complete a diploma in primary teaching and he is now a headteacher in one of the school in Kiziranfubi in Hoima.

2. She also built a house (see picture). I visited her home and she said all the money she used to build the house was from the farm.


3. She was able to buy land and on this land she has planted coffee which she says she has planned for her retirement to get money out of the coffee.

4. She has looked after her children as in medical, food etc and she now has grandchildren.

I picked interest in her story because I can see some of the objectives of starting the coffee plantation being fulfilled and we should praise God for that.”

Thank you to Ester, and all the workers on the coffee farm–we appreciate all your hard work and dedication, providing the coffee we all enjoy!


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