Special Harvest is on the way!

Did you have a nice hot cup of fresh coffee this morning?

First taste of coffee!
First taste of coffee!

Have you thought much about how it got into your cup? It is a privilege to have fresh foods available to us and consumers love to patronize local food sources–but you can’t do that with coffee. It doesn’t grow in the USA and has to be imported. Our coffee starts its journey in Wambabya, Uganda, is trucked along the Jinja Road to Mombasa, Kenya where it is laden on a ship, crosses the Atlantic Ocean and arrives in Baltimore, Maryland. After passing through customs, it is trucked to West Middlesex, Pennsylvania where it is roasted, bagged and shipped to you. It takes a long, involved process to arrive at your kitchen table!

The newest harvest is now in transit, having just been loaded onto its second ship in Salalah, Oman, and is scheduled to arrive in Baltimore sometime in September.

We are excited about sharing this new harvest with you, enabling Ugandan Gold Coffee to continue to make a difference in the lives of our farmers and their families.

Coffee takes a long journey to get to you and we hope that you enjoy and appreciate it!


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