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Ugandan Gold Coffee is more than just coffee. Yes, the product we sell is one of high quality and affordable price, but our goal is not centered toward money. It is about the social impact we can make through providing clean water to the people of Uganda. We produced a short 30 second video depicting what our organization is more than just… Here are brief descriptions of each item in the video, followed by the video itself – enjoy!

More than just… Fair trade.


We are proud to say our coffee farm in Uganda is close to being 100% self-sustaining. When we developed it a few years back we did not want the people working on it to be dependent on Americans. It was with the Ugandans’ best interest in mind when we showed them how to make a profit and stay steady on their own two feet.

More than just… A Business6f0c3886

The sales definitely bring in money. Our idea would not function without an operational cycle. Luckily, it is through the business model that we can provide access to clean water, and with that access churches, schools, and small shops grow. Clean water brings culture and thriving communities.

More than just… Organically Grown6f0c4156

The way we process our beans is completely natural and completely delicious. We taught the farmers how to grow efficiently so they can reap more of a crop each season to increase profits. Just as an example of how detail-oriented we are: when harvesting, our workers pick the individual beans off the coffee tree branches instead of grabbing the ripe and unripe beans together in handfuls.

More than just… Local Farmer6f0c3913
Outside of Africa, hundreds of people are involved in the growth of the coffee farm – from our social media followers to our dedicated board members. Everyone who has heard our story is touched by the power of God and feels called to make a difference.

More than just… A Community
face in crowd (2)

 As mentioned before, water wells encourage the growth of community around them. It is out of this community that Christian fellowship grows. It is through these relationships that men and women can go out into the world and share the love of Christ.

More than just coffee.

You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly. The streams of God are filled with water to provide the people with grain, for so you have ordained it.
Psalm 65:9

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