Caring Coffee!

Our coffee project only works if we are bringing hope and grace to the coffee farmers who so diligently and tirelessly toil to grow and harvest Ugandan Gold Coffee. Otherwise we are simply coffee brokers, one of thousands, looking for the best price and the highest profit and uncaring about the lives of the coffee farmer.

Water carriers
Water Carriers

Here at Ugandan Gold Coffee, we do things differently. We care about the people who live in Uganda. And we show that caring by spending our profits on our clean water project to provide fresh, clean water to communities in Uganda who do not have any.

And you partner with us in that caring by purchasing Ugandan Gold Coffee. Without you, we cannot help them.

Next time you grumble about how hot it is, how hard your work is or so many of the other details of our very privileged lives, think about these children who walk miles and carry very heavy containers of water twice a day only to have water that is dirty and carrying disease. Then drink some Ugandan Gold Coffee–hot or iced–and remember that every cup of our coffee brings about 300 cups of fresh, clean water to those who need it.

Thank you!


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